Payment Processing for Freelancers, Contractors, Professional and Specialized Service Providers

Collect payments quickly and securely in the field, online, or at the office. Chase your next big opportunity, not payment for your services.


Omni-Channel payments for the small business and the self-employed

PayXpert’s simple and convenient payment processing solutions for professionals allow you to focus on your business while increasing profits and improving service.


Professional services

“In busy office environments, the speed and efficiency of your payment process is a priority. Ideal for accountants or law firms, our solutions are designed to streamline payments from your clients, accelerating your cash flow. Send payment requests via email to accept payments directly from customers, reducing administrative costs and time.
Give your customers the service they expect, including pain-free debit and credit card processing or online payment acceptance while they are in your office.”

On-field /roaming specialized services

“Whether you groom animals or lawns, your payment processing should be as flexible as the services you offer. We provide one platform that facilitates all payment types so your customers can pay while on-the-go, online or in-person.
Many businesses and professionals need to get paid while on the move, at appointments, in meetings or on calls. From plumbers, painters and electricians to service technicians and landscapers, our solutions work with any service in the field.”

Simple and friendly

The clients today not only expect quality or price, but they also expect a great experience: and a fast, simple, and secure  payment process is a huge part of that experience.


An efficient service keeps shoppers coming back. PayXpert’s seamless payment processes have increased repeated sales by 30% in average for our customers.

A true partnership

We work closely with you to make sure your payment processing integrates seamlessly with technology and operations, eliminating wasted time and the need for multiple payment systems.

Built to give you and your customers more value and an enhanced user experience

Spend more time building and improving your business, as our modern platform adapts to any professional service and gives you tools to grow. You can be up and running in seconds with our mobile POS solution.

PayXpert is easy

Give customers the experience they want

Let's talk about payments!

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