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One of the powerful innovations in the PayXpert gateway is enabling the management of your payments data, by developing our award-winning analytics module and dashboard.

All the KPIs and metrics most relevant to you and your business can be analysed through our dashboard. Graphs, filters and selectors can be applied to dig into the data easily and conveniently.

We have divided the Graphics in three main areas of interest:

Risk management

Control in real-time your charge backs, refunds, and level of fraud. Analyse them with different views. Validate the impact of your antifraud actions.

Transaction activity

Review your Sales by transaction status including Accepted, Declined, or Fraudulent. Understand refusal reasons, and track your conversion rate with ease.

Sales volume

Understand your sales by currencies, geography, websites, and business models. Get insights of your sales by payment types.


Explore your DATA to understand your Customers and your Acquirers

The Advanced Statistics/Data Analysis Module, offers multiple complementary views, confirming the numbers underlying the graphs. Whether you want an overview or raw figures,  you’ll be satisfied.

With more than 20 filters, and 2 grouping options, there are endless possibilities of transforming your data into coherent and interpretable tables or charts.

Access the limited filtered list of Transactions directly from the part of statistics you are keen to analyze in detail.

The figures you need are just one click away.


Run insightful performance reports by analysing your past data and comparing it with the present.

We have developed data import modules for most major payment institutions and providers on the market, allowing our merchants to not only keep the history of previous accounts, but to drill down into it in much the same way as if it were live data on the PayXpert Gateway.

This allows PayXpert to analyse your transaction history in detail and have a headstart in detecting issues and optimising our settings. You will be able to see how easy it is to work with our platform right out of the box!


A simple way to get your numbers in order

Easily reconcile your incoming payments with their respective transactions.

Filter the data you want to Export and select the format that suits you best.

Automatic reconciliation with your on ERP / CRM / Accounting platform.


Take control of your companies and their operations.

PayXpert´s gateway technology and tools are made available to a group of companies, PSPs, acquirers, … who want to be in control of their payments. 

Our flexible approach allows you to use our bare award-winning technology, or to take advantage of a more complete service to process your payments with our acquiring solutions.

Handling various payment providers and acquirers, reconciliations, MIDs, and other payment-related issues can extremely cumbersome for any company. Let us handle the heavy lifting for you: Our White Label is a turnkey solution, bringing flexibility and efficiency in the payment chain.

Join the payments revolution today!


Our Account Managers will support you in the process of integrating digital payments solutions to allow the best experience to your future customers.

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