PayXpert helps you to boost your sales and optimise your payment process

It is complicated business identifying the bottlenecks for your conversion rates.  That’s why we have built best-in-class tools and processes so that our merchants can track in real-time a loss in conversion or an increase in fraud, and take action.

Selling outside of your local market

PayXpert as a multiacquiring company, can help merchants to get higher approval rates.

Using PayXpert you will have the option to have a local acquirer in the country of your consumers, avoiding triggering cardholder alerts. You also reduce your technical and financial risk, always having a backup in order to re-route your transactions to another acquirer immediately.

Depending on the countries that you are targeting, consumers may have different cultural payment habits or you may face the high market share of local payments solutions. Adapt your business to the local payment method that your customer prefers. It is a must today!

PayXpert enables you to offer a wide variety of alternative payment methods, making it easy and comfortable for your clients to pay and ensuring that they will return!

Trying new ways to get paid

At Payxpert we have developed various solutions allowing many ways of getting paid. We make it easy for you to decide which channels you must activate to get higher sales, depending on your business model.

Check out some of the channels that PayXpert puts at your service:


Virtual TPV





You can easily integrate these solutions into your payment process both online and over the phone and sell more.

Improving your customer experience

PayXpert offers you a multi-probe payment page testing tool to control the time your page takes to be displayed in many points of Europe. Furthermore, you can use tokenisation technology to keep the payment data secure and facilitate efficient payments such as subscriptions and one-click payments.

Customers don’t need to fill in all their card details for every purchase they want to make. With a simple click, the payment is made!

We understand a merchant should be able to customise their payment page and create different payment pages for A/B Testing or a different subset of clients.  Our platform integrates a simple-to-use Payment Page Editor, allowing you to customise your payment page or use our Seamless Checkout: simple conversion-improving payment forms that can be easily integrated into your eCommerce.

Improving your fraud management

Payxpert recognises that the optimum conversion rate to fraud balance has to be permanently monitored. Our platform is your best defence against fraud due to the continuous fine-tuning of our gateway routing and security checks.


PayXpert helps you to find the balance between risk and sales volumes; our experts can help you to decide what type of velocity checks you need to change or analyse the implementation of 3D-Secure regulations.


To make such vital decisions, you should have an eagle-eye view of the performance of your transaction processing. This is the power of our dashboard, to help you to find the best solutions for maximising revenue and minimising losses.


Our Account managers will support you in the process of integrating Digital Payments Solutions to allow the best experience to your future Customers.

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