Increasing conversions while reducing risk is possible

We’ve developed a flexible, scalable, and intelligent fraud prevention module.  Recognize loyal shoppers and reduce fraud. Use a data-driven approach to block fraudsters with a unique risk management engine while optimizing conversion. It will reduce your payments risk whether you use our team of experts or prefer to automate.

Velocity checks

Configurable fraud scoring rules according to your risk level

Reduce manual revisions

Analysis of patterns and business rules, to optimize conversions

Automatic fraud rules that help you filter suspicious behaviours in your operation. A velocity check aims to identify fraud patterns in payment transactions. Recurring patterns and relationships between transactions within a specified (short) period are examined. 

Using the data provided by the user and their behaviour on the web, we define a maximum risk level for the user’s transactions. If this level is higher than defined, the transaction is rejected. With PayXpert fraud prevention, you can simulate the scoring rules and know how they will work before passing it to a real environment. 

By applying scoring rules, you will reduce manual reviews by a significant factor. Your team will be able to analyse patterns and optimize rules, so that manual revisions are even less frequent. 

Apply your business knowledge to define the best rules, analyze common behaviour patterns and compare them with business rules: turn fraud scoring into a protective shield while improving your conversion rate. 

A single payments integration
to control fraud

Easily detect fraud online, in-store, in-app and in whichever channel your business uses to sell, using an all-in-one payments platform.

All your data is located in one place so you can enhance your customers’ shopping experiences, improve brand loyalty and quickly increase conversions.

Behavioral analytics 

3D Secure 2 

Transaction linking 

Track suspicious user behaviour around payment fields with real-time behavioural analytics to prevent scripted or automated attacks.

Send transactions for seamless authentication through 3D Secure 2, so you don’t harm your conversions.

Real-time graph analysis (a method used to analyse complex networks) tracks patterns to identify and prevent fraud dynamically.

Automated chargeback defense

Risk engine

Case management

Reduce the burden of lengthy disputes by automatically defending chargebacks and freeing up your resources.

Combine rules and policies that are optimised using of engine to fit your fraud prevention strategy. 

Get a full summary of data signals for every transaction (payment amount and method, IP, and geographical data) plus automated workflows that will help you streamline manual reviews.


Our Account Managers will support you in the process of integrating digital payments solutions to allow the best experience to your future customers.

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