Payment Gateway and Credit Card Processing for SaaS

Simple and ready-to-use payment processing for cloud-based vendors and mixed business models.


Payments integrated with your app or platform

Save customers’ card details during the sign-up process and easily charge them later. Improve the user experience making it easy to pay with just a single click.

Customizable form with your own layout

One-click payments

Full control via the PayXpert API

Customize a payment form to meet your specific business needs. With our custom forms, you have full control over the UI and UX.

Give customers a great purchasing experience, simplify the purchasing process and reduce it to a simple action.

Trigger payments simply, using our API, or trigger events and track your customers’ payments. And if you need more, you can connect payments to other apps via Zapier or other integrations.

Recurring payments — SaaS Subscriptions

Using recurring payments, you can grow you business and improve your cash flow.
With our solution you can implement in no time and create new ways of bringing sales to your business.

Easily define pricing levels and billing cycles

Assign multiple plans to a customer

Combine recurring payments with other billing models

Offer free trials to attract new clients

You can charge customers on a monthly, weekly, daily or an hourly basis. It’s up to you when the billing period should be.

Simply charge a single customer for multiple products or services. Offer subscribers extra products and grow your business performance.

Grow your sales by using multiple billing models at one time. Add one-click purchases to complete more deals.

Give first-time customers some time to make a well-thought-out decision and convert them into returning ones. Bill them automatically after a trial period.

Billing and security

Store card data, update cards and make the payment process secure — Let us handle the hard work – all you have to do is enjoy the revenue growth you get with our enhaced conversion features.

Card updater plus retry logic

Non-invasive 3D Secure v2

Hundreds of integrations

Minimize declines to almost zero with PayXpert’s automatic card updater, and configure retry logics to automatically retry failed payments at specific time intervals.

Add an extra security layer with just one line of code. A mandatory feature today, our 3D Secure v2 protects your transactions and reduce your chargeback ratio while actually improving your conversions.

Automate your workflow by connecting payment data to other apps you use via IFTT, Zapier, etc.

Sell more, no matter your business model

Subscription business

Create different plans and pricing levels. Offer free trials and make it easy to upgrade or downgrade plans.

Single sales

Get the best solution for selling single products or services with our fully-customizable conversion-oriented payment gateway.

Prepaid credits

Offer and offer different pricing levels for credit packs. Allow clients to pay with just one click. Excellent for selling games, media or content.


Give your customers the flexibility of using your service the way they want. Easily charge per usage of a product or service.

And the PayXpert platform for mixed business models!

Invest your money and resources carefully

Integrating with new technology partners can be an expensive and time-consuming process. It requires effort and buy-in from across your organization, so it’s important you take the time to ensure you’re investing in the right partnerships. Because it pays to choose the right partner.

PayXpert is easy

Give customers the experience they want

Let's talk about payments!

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