Merchant Accounts & Payment Processing Services
for Online Gaming

Create memorable in-game purchase moments and flexible subscription plans for all your gamers.


Keep gamers happy and paying with simple and recurring payments

Offer your players flexible plans with trial periods. Make it easy for them to join the fun and give them the option to change plans easily, whenever they want.

The secret magical spell to increase your sales!


Sell wood, coal, gold, steel, and other resources for strategy games!


Sell power ups, mana, fireballs and superpowers with one click!


Sell credits and unique items reserved only for exclusive players with a frictionless experience!

With PayXpert you will boost conversions and preserve the gaming experience for your players.

Sell faster

PayXpert payment gateway’s tokenization feature allows your players to make instant payments.

Because most times in gaming the fate of your transactions depend on the speed you can process them!

Invest your time and resources carefully

Integrating with new technology partners can be an expensive and time-consuming process. It requires effort and buy-in from your team, so it’s important you take the time to ensure you’re investing in the right partnerships. Because it pays to choose the right partner.

Let's talk about payments!

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