Experts in Cheque Processing

Since 2007 we have been a leading bulk cheque clearing solution for organisations all over Europe.
Every single year we process millions of Euros in cheques for our customers.


Who is it for?

Our cheque processing service works amazingly for organisations with a médium to a high volume of inbound cheque payments.
From non-profit charities to mail-order companies, we can provide a personalised service to meet your organisation’s needs.

How does it work?

With our cheque processing service, PayXpert manages the process on your behalf.

PayXpert payment methods

collect your cheques using a specialist courier

deliver them straight to PayXpert’s central processing unit

process cheques through central clearance and make them available to you

Result: better use of staff time and reducing security risks associated with regular banking patterns.

The Future of Cheques

Cheque Imaging is rolling out across Europe, and is set to transform the payments landscape. This will replace the need to move paper cheques around the country.
Instead, customers will benefit from banks and building societies being able to quickly exchange these electronically.

The Image Clearing Systems

These systems will replace the need to move paper cheques around.
Organizations that receive and process cheques will benefit from greatly reduced processing times and costs.

How much does the Cheque Processing Service cost?

Our model is based on the volume of cheques that you need to process. To get a comprehensive quote, please fill out the form below or contact our Sales team.

Would you like to use Electronic Cheque Imaging?

We can help you to store your cheques electronically and reduce disruption to your cash flow.

Benefits of Cheque Processing with PayXpert

Reduced costs

You will reduced fees and costs on all the processes to cash the cehques, from the courier to clearance.

Enhanced efficiency

Optimised processes for chargeback risk reduction and higher overall collection value success rate.


Expert knowledge and exceptional customer service availability and problem resolution.


We use specialist couriers with knowledge and experience of bank collections.

Benefits of Electronic Cheques (e-Cheques) or Cheque Imaging


Our Account Managers will support you in the process of integrating digital payments solutions to allow the best experience to your future customers.

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