Point of Sale Checkout

Like with the online checkout, the point of sale checkout is the tightest section of your sales funnel.

Your customer is already in your store, with the product in their hand, and ready to buy. You could waste all your hard work by losing the sale now.

Let your customers skip the line

Long checkout lines are one of the most off-putting things for customers. 57% of British shoppers say standing in line is their among their biggest frustrations, and long lines will stop four out of five US shoppers from entering a store, according to a 2017 international shopper survey.

You can get rid of checkout lines with mobile point of sale (mPOS) terminals. With these you can take a payment from any point in the store (a preference for 42% of US shoppers) or even outside. And if you want to go one step further, by letting shoppers scan QR codes and doing the checkout in app, you can skip the process entirely.


Give them access to your online stock

Running out of stock is frustrating for both you and your customers. According to the latest suveys, 42% of UK shoppers and a whopping 75% of US consumers want to order out-of-stock items directly when they are in the store. This is made easy with what’s called ‘endless aisles’: in-store kiosks, podiums, or tablets where shoppers can browse and order items directly online.

International Shopping

Greet international shoppers with their local cards

Make international buyers feel at home by presenting them with the payment options they’re used to. For example, if you get a lot of Chinese shoppers in your store, be sure to support Alipay, WeChat Pay  and UnionPay.


Make it personal

Personalisation for costumers is a hot topic today. The key is to wow and delight your customers without meddling on their privacy. These are some examples of customer personalization that shoppers actually want according to the latest data:

Link loyalty to the customer’s credit card.

Be contextual.

Anticipate shopper trends and needs.

Stay relevant.

This lets you apply loyalty schemes to all channels. Your shoppers don’t have the annoyance of having to carry their loyalty card, and it saves resources for your business.

More than half of US shoppers want geo-based coupons and discounts sent to their smartphones contextually.

Use your customer trend data to ensure your store is prepared for your regular shoppers.

Receive online shoppers with a targeted selection of items based previous purchases.

Streamline your point of sale payments with PayXpert

PayXpert makes unified commerce easy by linking your online and point of sale payments in one platform. With only one partner you can rapidly expand into new stores and new markets and manage all your payment operations from a single point. 

Unifying your payments not only streamlines your operations and cuts costs, but gives you a single view of your customer data so you can optimise and future-proof your business.

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