In this section, we’ll look at how you can use payment data to help your business in several ways. 

You made the sale; the payment has gone through, the money is taken from your customer’s account and credited to yours. You now are left with a throve of data you could use. 

You can learn a lot about your shoppers from your payment data: 

  • The location where they are
  • The sums they’re spending
  • How regularly they buy from you
  • The device/s they’re using
  • The channel/s they prefer
  • The payment method/s they prefer

If your payment data from all devices, channels, and markets feeds into the same platform, you’ll have a global snapshot of your consumers gathered in one place. You’ll be able to paint a detailed picture of your customers’ needs, wants, and preferences; target specific customer segments, and deepen existing relationships.

Unified commerce

It used to be called multichannel, then it became omnichannel, and now it’s being called unified commerce. In simple terms, it means everything today is connected: Your customer can buy via multiple devices and channels, across multiple markets. And, instead of each interaction passing through separate systems, it’s all consolidated into one. 

Unified commerce gives you some fascinating insights from your payment data. For example, if you have an eCommerce site and physical stores, you can:

  • Determine the impact a new store has on your eCommerce sales
  • Pinpoint clusters of online shoppers to help you decide where to open a new store
  • Isolate what proportion of your in-store shoppers come from overseas

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Customer personalization

The insights you get from your payments data will let you create tailored experiences for all your customers. You can be so targeted that no two customer journeys need to look the same.

Personalized checkouts

Imagine you could have your checkout adapted to your different customers. The payment methods you show your customers can be automatically adapted to the customer’s location and the apps they have installed on their smartphone to offer the most relevant ones each time.

Contextual marketing

Contextual marketing focuses on sending the right messages to the right shoppers at the right times. 50% of US shoppers want location-based discounts and coupons sent to their smartphones.
You can do this in different ways. One way would be to send push notifications to shoppers near your store, alluring them inside with a discount on an item they’d been browsing online. Better yet, since most of the new payment terminals come with beacons installed, you can recognize your customer at the point of sale via their mobile app. You can then give them the option to pay in-app and relinquish loyalty points they’ve accumulated.

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