Payment Methods

PayXpert offers an extensive portfolio of both local and international payment systems.


Credit cards

Through our platform you will be able to accept Visa,MasterCard American Express,and JCB (up to 166 currencies).

Debit cards

We accept the following local cards: Maestro (UK),Switch/Solo (UK),and Carte Bleue (France).

Virtual Terminal

A Virtual terminal quickly and easily enables a merchant to manually process a debit or credit by entering the online payment information. The Virtual Terminal is commonly used by merchants accepting payments over the phone or upon the receipt of an order by mail (MOTO).

Recurring billing

Recurring billing allows merchants to set up an automated debit payment processing from the customer on a certain date each week,month,quarter or year.

Batch Submission

The Batch Submission tool is available as an option to our merchants accounts

Web Services Solution

Our web Services system allows a merchant processing to send transactions in real time over the internet

Direct Bank transfer

With direct bank transfer merchants are being offered quick settlement and security,as the online authorisations are immediate and are non-reversible. An advantage for the consumer is that they authorise the payment processing directly from their own online banking application.


 eWallet is a system that stores a customer's data for easy retrieval for online purchases. Since completing forms as part of an e-tail transaction can be a reason for aborting a transaction,an eWallet service can reduce this inconvenience for the consumer. Using an electronic virtual wallet,consumers can upload money to an merchant account and pay (and receive) funds online.

Prepaid cards and vouchers

 With prepaid cards and vouchers,which can be purchased by customers at retail stores but also online,consumers can use them and pay for orders online.

Online checks

 ACH (Electronic Check) is a cost effective and efficient form of online payment. However,much like accepting a paper check,an ACH payment can be returned if the Payer’s account has been closed,is over-drafted or sufficient funds are not available.

By instantly and electronically accessing multiple shared banking databases,payXpert verification tools can determine whether it is likely that the ACH debit will clear the Payer’s account and be successfully processed.


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