Attract more Chinese customers to your business:
fast, easy, smart payments

Alipay allows you to make payments with your mobile in a simple way, its focus is to optimize the way you pay for any type of service and / or product and to offer financial services to your users.

Mobile recharge
Money wire
Bill payment

Why do you need Alipay?

Access to more than 600 million consumers.
Fast payment process.
No extra cost of exchange rate.
Real-time monitoring.
Support in marketing promotions.

Why do users use Alipay?

Popular: It is an ecosystem of financial services (transfers, payments, loans, among others)

Reliable: Alipay is the platform of Alibaba, giant of ecommerce in China.

Safe: You do not need to carry cash. It is a very popular payment method among the Chinese.

When you have your store in Alipay, you will appear in the City Page of the city your store is located in.

How can I implement Alipay?

Discover the solutions adapted to your business that we can offer you and start receiving your payments.


Small shops
Static QR code

Large stores and chains Integration
with cash system

Medium and large stores
Point of Sale Terminal / APP available

Marketing Options


Your store visible on the platform, Chinese tourists will find the information of your store directly in the application.


Create promotional campaigns (coupons or discounts) for Chinese customers using Alipay.


Send offers and news through push notifications of geolocation when the user arrives at the determined area.


Advertising actions available on the Offers pages and on the Cities pages.

Reasons to accept Alipay with PayXpert

We are Alipay’s official partner. 
PayXpert is a regulated payment institution throughout Europe. Experts with knowledge of the Chinese payment market. +100 alternative payment methods integrated to our platform. Innovative and secure technology to receive your payments. Promotional campaigns available in Alipay.


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