The biggest Chinese tourists season in the year (Mid of Sep. to Mid of Oct.) is coming, does your marketing team still straggle with a Chinese promotion strategy?

We are preparing all for your need!

WeChat Red Packets give to your clients up to 2018 CNY (equal about 250 euros) only reading the QR Code in your store!

The best part: cost you nothing.
Apply now to have WeChat Pay in your shop.

How it works?

Your Chinese clients scan the QR code with their WeChat account to receive money, the random amount will be immediately in their WeChat account, ready to be used as their preference. They will still receive the original amount while we bare all the cost.

 It’s an amazing strategy to attract Chinese visitors and communicate them the option to pay with WeChat Pay in your store.

This promotion is for the first 500 merchants, don’t miss it out!

Red packet is a beautiful red envelope (known as 紅包, hóngbāo) filled with money to their friends and family. It symbolizes good wishes and luck. For more information go to : Have you heard about Red Envelope in the Chinese culture?