State-of-the-art recurring payment processing

Recurring credit card payments are easy and convenient for customers, and they offer advantages to merchants. Electronic billing helps simplify the payment process, increase cash flow and reduce costs. This is because putting all future payments on autopilot removes the need for customers to receive, open, and act on invoices. With recurring billing and electronic invoicing, all new sales come in automatically without any direct intervention from you.

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Optimize and escape manual input

Offer payment by recurring payments without financing

Recover abandoned carts

More than recurring payment

Integrate the ‘recurring payments’ function into your own ERP or CRM In just a few steps, to automate and customize payments. Generate your own collection orders or use the control panel to plan the frequency, amount, currency of every collection.

You will be able to program recurring charges for the same purchase once the card is tokenized. Incorporate this service into your abandoned cart recovery strategy, and be surprised with the results. 

Was the operation unsuccessful? Maybe the card has exceeded the balance limit. Offer the client the possibility of reattempting payment by fractions, and you will be selling much more on recovered carts in no time. 

Why ? Because Subscription Billing needs way more than recurring payment. Automate:

  • Charging and Invoicing
  • Online subscriptions
  • Usage-based billing

Give customers the experience they want

Access a flexible set of personalization options in your stores and make international shoppers feel at home.

  • Offer payment methods customers know and trust
  • Customers can pay anywhere in their language and currency, even if they are blind or handicapped
  • Use the latest technology and innovations to enhance in-store experiences
  • Allow customers to pay the way they want now and in the future
  • Enhance your business operations using our industry-focused features


Our Account managers will support you in the process of integrating Digital Payments Solutions to allow the best experience to your future Chinese Customers.

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