In 2014 the Central Bank of Russia established MIR as the national payment scheme. MIR is accepted across Russia and enables its cardholders to perform the following types of transactions:

  • Withdrawing cash
  • Online and offline purchasing
  • Make contactless and mobile payments

MIR Payment System

MIR is a national payment system established by the Central Bank of Russia by the law adopted in May 1, 2017. It is currently accepted mostly by Russia-based companies, such as Aeroflot or Russian Railways, though it is gradually gaining acceptance among foreign companies with Russian operations. The system is operated by the Russian National Card Payment System, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Central Bank of Russia.

The first MIR cards were issued in December 2015 under a pilot project. It is planned that MIR cards will be widely spread in Russia. It is also envisaged to promote the card abroad under co-badging projects with international payment systems. Currently, Mir-Maestro, Mir-JCB and Mir-AmEx have already being issued.

Unlike international payment systems’ card transactions, MIR card transactions cannot be suspended and no external economic and political factors can affect their processing.

MIR allows Russian customers to pay with a trusted and familiar card brand

  • Be attractive to >147 million Russian potential consumers

  • Access new Eastern European/Asian markets

  • Get the best currency exchange rate by MIR scheme

  • Russians remain as one of the highest spending populations in the world

  • Russians are shopping more and more online, opening up new opportunities for foreign retailers and brands

  • Russians are travelling and purchasing abroad more with each passing year

Billion Russians spend on tourism
Russians use bank cards in their travel trips
Travelers from Russia spent per one trip
Million Russian citizens made outbound trips

Accepted in Russia nationwide
and in 8 other countries


Contact & contactless cards

Mir Pay, Samsung Pay

MirAccept 2.0

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