Payment and financial distribution platform for marketplaces

PayXpert Marketplace is a unique solution to manage all transaction traffic between partners from your ecosystem; being B2C, B2B or C2C

  • Offer all popular payment methods
  • One partner and one source of data
  • No reliance on third parties
  • Everything you need in a single integration

Increase your conversion rate

Easily control the key factors that will increase your revenue and improve your success rate:

  • Easy refunds
  • Unified payment management (Omnichannel)
  • Automated financial reconciliation
  • Managing mixed baskets
  • Fraud control
  • International payment methods

Provide an Omnichannel experience to both your merchants and their customers

Our technology behind your platform will allow you and your mechants to create beautiful shopping experiences.

Consumers are marking the evolution of businesses: Omnichannel has come precisely to respond to the changing needs of users, who are also divided into very different payment profiles depending on their generation (X, Y, Millennial). An effective use of different payment channels increases sales and conversions for your marketplace.

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Use the same technology as the world’s top marketplaces

Enjoy state-of-the-art features, always be up-to-date with new technologies and experience the same efficiency standards as the leading platforms in the world.

Setup payments the way you want

Enjoy a completely customizable and flexible payments solution for any platform business model.





Works with your existing systems and processes, plus you can choose a full range of value-added features as you need them.

Create a compelling user experience, from how users are onboarded and verified, to how payments are split, and when and how payouts are processed.

Easily split between one or several parties, move around, hold, and settle funds -whenever you want, whatever your business model looks like.

Let us take care of all your marketplace payments functionality, or pick the features you want to use.

A global solution for all platforms

Easily grow internationally and spend less time and money on the finer details, so you can focus on your business and grow faster than ever before.

  • Users get the best experience wherever they are
  • Add and remove payment methods at the touch of a button
  • Use our global acquiring and expertise of processing payments
  • Launch into new markets faster without compliance hassles
  • Partner with the world leader in cross-border payment processing innovation

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PayXpert Acquiring

Fully compliant and PSD2-ready

PSD2 in Europe and evolving regulations around the world are putting more requirements on marketplaces and platforms. PayXpert’s fully-licensed, PSD2-ready solution has all the tools you need to stay compliant, even when expanding globally.

  • Optimal compliance model in every market
  • Meets all PCI obligations with tokenization 
  • PCI DSS level 1 certification
  • Regulatory licenses around the world 
  • Approved by leading European regulators

Secure onboarding and verification in seconds

Automated onboarding

Allow users to sign up easily and at scale with an automated onboarding process to simplify the signup process.


Perform real-time checks to reduce waiting, and let us take care of KYC, AML, sanctions screening, and identity verification.


Our Account managers will support you in the process of integrating Digital Payments Solutions to allow the best experience to your future Customers.

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