Now, Zen Cart plugin is available !

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Zen Cart clients, this news is for you! 

We are committed to go further every day. We have developed Zen Cart plugin to connect your shop/online business to our gateway and accept payment immediately!

What is  Zen Cart ?
It’s a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software.

Easily Integrate with your Payment Gateway
With many popular payment gateways built-in, you can start accepting payment immediately. And if you need to integrate a custom module, there are hundreds of community-contributed payment modules to select from, or from which to build your own.

Ready immediately!
Zen Cart® is ready to run immediately. You can start accepting payments immediately.
Just create your products and go!

To access directly to download the plugin, please visit:

Easy integration with PayXpert

With PayXpert you can see in one single solution all the processing of your business, even if you have a group of companies.
Discover our range of plug-ins ready to be used visiting:

About PayXpert:
PayXpert is a payment provider company, licensed for Europe through the UK Financial Conduct Authority and carries a financial license for the rest of the world with the Financial Market Supervisory Authority in Switzerland.

We are a company with a young, multicultural and dynamic team, striving to bring its payment experience and know-how to both existing and potential partners. Founded in 2008, PayXpert has expanded its presence to UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Thanks to a large network of acquirers, PayXpert can process in over 180 currencies and offer settlement in 20.