If you are thinking of applying to one of the many European payment regulators there is a cheaper and far quicker way to becoming a fully legitimate payment processor in Europe. Be a Payment Agent

PayXpert is willing and able to extend its own license to allow carefully vetted partners to operate with complete approval and legal authorisation.


Ordinarily, achieving the status of a licensed Authorised Payment Institution is not only a time-consuming and expensive process,  you will likely need significant assistance from specialist law firms.

With our unique agent program you can not only be authorised under the Payment Service Regulations, but we can even extend the option to benefit from a white-label of our payment gateway. There are many reasons why this combination can answer your needs.
Price considerations – Obtaining your own license and building a gateway is extremely costly.

Accelerated timeframes – You can be licensed by us in a couple of weeks rather than months with regulators.

Your data is your property, you can keep all your client’s history and tokens if you develop your own platform.
Xpertise – we have all the tools and experience to give new entrants the headstart they need.
Pre-integrated POS, IVR and MOTO solutions for multiple payment channels.
European passporting permissions mean we and potentially you, are authorised across the entire EU.
Real-time reporting with advanced statistics and filters and pain-free reconciliation / invoicing.
Technical team with 24/7 monitoring and a dedicated account manager every step of the way.

We maximise revenues and conversion with automated intelligent features

180 currencies

20 Alternative payment methods


    If the transaction is ‘referred’,  ‘timed-out’ or even ‘failed’, it can be rerouted to another payment option to significantly increase your conversion rate.


    Our gateway can select the best acquirer for specific transactions based on the real-time risk score.


    Business intelligence & dashboards for permanent monitoring and in-depth analysis.


    Advanced statistics modules allowing totally customisable filters to get the precise data you want.


    Creative and innovative features that are continuously updated and improved.


Even if you were to obtain a license yourself that is not to say the task is complete. There are regular ad-hoc and mandatory reports from the regulator, background checks on managers and shareholders and potential on-site audits. Applications must be renewed when new significant changes to regulations come into force. The cost of running a legitimate business in an environment of increasing regulation has never been higher.



The majority of acquiring banks and related payment companies refuse to finalise contracts without proof of a valid license. 

Your company could be on the Financial conduct authority register within 2 weeks, allowing you to begin building critical mass way ahead of schedule. 

What’s more, if you plan to later apply for your own license you have the advantage of demonstrating your payment solution is already in live compliant operational mode.

We can support offer your choice of using your own bank network or we can extend our pan-European network of acquirers to you.

We are the only FCA regulated payment institution that currently offers this facility to payment market-entrants, telecoms operators, crowd-funding solutions and marketplaces.

Stable Network


99,9% uptime/availability SLA Payxpert level



PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification

If you don’t have years to wait whilst developing a robust and resilient PCI compliant platform we can extend our cutting-edge while-label gateway. It’s rich with industry-leading features that merchants love.

The Fintech space is evolving quickly and you can benefit today from a gateway that is constantly improved and optimised in line with the latest technology and consumer behaviour.


If this is the all in one solution you’ve been looking for, talk with payment experts today.


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