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1. What does payXpert do?

We see ourselves as your local supplier wherever you are in the world. Our powerful and secure online payment solutions will allow you to boost your sales and benefit from the value you bring to your visitors. Our internet payment solutions are designed to be flexible and easy to adapt into any kind of business model.

2. What does payXpert facilities cost me? Are there any hidden charges?

Unlike financial institutions that demand huge upfront fees payXpert's charges are affordable for all types of business. Please contact one of the payXpert Account Managers for an offer alternatively you could also fill in our online application from our website by clicking on Apply Now.

3. Which credit cards does payXpert accept?

payXpert can handle customer purchases made through Visa ,MasterCard, JCB, Diner's Club and American Express cards. The variety of credit cards also depend on the specific contract you might have with the Acquirer.

4. Am I allowed to set up multiple payXpert Client IDs?

If you operate several Web sites operating different activities, qualified by the banks by different MCC then you will have to create separate accounts for each MCC activities. Otherwise for a same activity, one account can be used as long as all the urls are declared to the bank. See List of the MCC code
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