payXpert E-ticketing

PayXpert secure and real time E-ticketing solutions

PayXpert E ticketing

PayXpert offers secure, realtime E-Ticketing services to merchant who are offering access to either an exhibit or to their website or are offering memberships.

For merchants offering memberships through their websites we can easily support the whole process:

  • manage the contacts and contracts with the banks.
  • payment processing.
  • risk management and anti-fraud management.
  • password delivery (optional).
  • customer service (optional).


What is an E-Ticket?

An E-Ticket is an electronically issued user name and password that is purchased by consumers to gain admission to a certain area of a website or for merchants who are offering access to for example exhibits. The actual E-Ticket is delivered to consumers in the form of a customizable email and contains detailed membership information regarding their subscription or access.

How does it work?

The entire E-Ticketing process happens in just a matter of seconds and is extremely simple and convenient for you and consumers. When a consumer is ready to pay for a certain access, they are redirected from the website of the merchant to the secure payXpert payment page where they will fill their payment details.

payXpert understand that the entered data is confidential and will use it mainly to be able to process the transaction. After approval the consumers receives a notification that the transactions has been approved and if required they are also able to received a username /password to be able to login to a certain area of the website of the merchant

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