How does Payxpert IPSP work?

        PayXpert IPSP Flochart

  1. Shopper, visits an e-commerce website and chooses the product/service he is interested in bying.
  2. Once the shopping basket is complete and the buying decision is made, the shopper goes to the merchant’s checkout. A description of the purchase is then made and sent to PayXpert for payment processing.
  3. The shopper is automatically redirected to PayXpert’s highly secure server where it can choose the most comfortable payment method between different methods and enter their payment details.
  4. PayXpert records the shopper’s payment details against the details submitted in the “shopping cart” to produce a transaction.
  5. PayXpert asks the card issuer for authentication of the transaction details and the card issuer returns either an authorised or a declined response. A payment response page is shown to the shopper.
  6. Finally, if the transaction was successful, PayXpert sends the shopper an e-mail to confirm the transaction details.
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