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 FAQ: PayXpert Services

What is payxpert?

payXpert is specialized in offering online payment processing solutions for:

  • Cardholder not-present businesses such as internet, mail and telephone order
  • Cardholder present businesses such as hotels, restaurants, remote location and online merchant accounts to:
  • standard E-commerce,
  • Merchant accounts markets worldwide


What does payXpert do?

We see ourselves as your local supplier wherever you are in the world. Our powerful and secure payment solutions will allow you to boost your sales and benefit from the value you bring to your visitors. Our online payment solutions are designed to be flexible and easy to adapt into any kind of business model.

Which credit cards facilities can my customers use to purchase on my web site?

Any MASTERCARD, VISA, JCB, Diners Club and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards issued anywhere in the world.


How long will it take for my application to be processed? What is the procedure followed by payXpert after I sign up? What is the minimum balance I have to maintain in my payXpert merchant account?

After you sign up online, our internal business merchant account and security team will review your application. This takes about 24 - 48 hrs. Following this review you will be informed whether your application was declined , pre-approved or you will need to make some adjustments to your website or will have to provide more clarifications on your business model.

On pre-approval, you will receive an e-mail from payXpert informing you what the fees will be for your specific business model and forecasted turnover, also this email will explain which documents you will have to send to payxpert. Once received the required documents and the application form we will send ncontaining the link to payXpert's payment page from where you can pay payXpert's set-up fees either by credit card or demand draft or even a local / at par cheque. The approval email will also contain a list of documents required by us to validate your business. We expect that you would complete all of this procedure within seven days of receipt of formal approval from us. Your account with payXpert will only be activated on receipt of all of the above. Email notice of activation of the merchant account will be set to the registered email address.


What does payXpert facilities cost me? Are there any hidden charges?

Unlike financial institutions that demand huge upfront fees payXpert's charges are affordable for all types of business. Please contact one of the payXpert business merchant account Managers for an offer alternatively you could also fill in our online application from our website by clicking on Apply Now.


Whose name will appear in my customers' credit card statement?

Your customer's credit card statement will be billed as payxpert.com . During the transaction and after successful payment we make it amply evident to your customer (on the pay page and by a confirmation e-mail) that his credit card statement will reflect the charge as this. Also we are able to have your own descriptor on the credit card statement.


What is a credit card chargeback? What is payXpert's credit card chargeback policy?

A refund that is forced by a credit cardholder's credit card company is known as charge back. This occurs when a cardholder decides to formally dispute a charge on his/her credit card bill, usually because someone else fraudulently used that card number. Credit Cards Permit Chargebacks As per VISA & MASTERCARD rules any online transaction can/may also be revoked or refuted by a customer to a Sub Merchant via his card-issuing bank for the following reasons. This is allowable for up to 6 months from date of the transaction.


  1. The Merchant has not shipped the goods or delivered the promised service.
  2. The Merchant has taken back the goods /cancelled the services but not yet issued a refund on the credit card payment.
  3. The cardholder's credit card has been fraudulently used by someone else to procure goods and services - without knowledge or prior agreement of the cardholder.


payXpert's payment gateway service provider, have state-of-the-art fraud screening capabilities to reduce risks. However, if any chargeback is reported by the cardholder, you (merchant) will be liable to pay the amount back or it will be adjusted with the current balance of your account; or you will be liable to refund back the disputed amount back to payxpert. Please note that this practice is universal and is followed by all payment gateway service providers the world over. payXpert has also an in-house team, which will screen all the transactions.
The chargeback disputes are normally less than 1% of the total transactions in month.


  1. The Merchant should keep complete proof of goods being shipped. This could be in the form of a Courier consignment note or Receipt from the final consignee.
  2. The Merchant can prove that the customer was informed in advance about refunds / return of goods for replacement faulty goods.

Fraudulent use of a credit card on the Internet is always at the risk of the Merchant. Merchants should keep an internal benchmark for the level of transaction for which he will take a risk, without asking for additional documentation from a customer. Example: ABC Shops has internally set a per transaction limit of 500,- Euro. Which means that up to 500,- Euro ABC Shops will process an order without asking the customer to provide additional proof. If the transaction amount is more than the internal benchmark of 500,- Euro then poof is required for:


  1. That this customer owns the credit card he is using.
  2. He is who he says he is. (ID, copy passport)

  3. So ABC Shops asks any customer who does a transaction over 500,- Euro to send by fax the following:

  1. The last statement he received from the credit card company, which clearly shows his credit card billing address as well as the credit card number.
  2. A copy of his driving license / national identity card / PAN No. / Passport which proves he is the person who has placed the order. When ABC Shops has these documents, then they can go ahead with the customer without any doubts knowing full well that no fraudulent usage is taking place of the credit card being used for the purchase of their goods or service.

What is the "Authorise" feature?

Once a transaction of ,for example, 100,- Euro comes from your site and forwarded to the gateway and authorized in real time, it means that 100,- of your customers credit card is blocked from his credit card limit for a period of 7 days. For example, If you customers credit card has a credit limit of 500,- Euro/-, then 100,- Euro will be blocked for your transaction for a period of 7 days from the time of the transaction from your site. Your customer after doing transaction from your site, will have only a credit card limit of 400,- Euro,- left. This 100,- that is blocked for 7 days will not be reflected in his credit card statement until you capture the order. If you dont capture within 7 days, the transaction automatically evaporates from the gateway payment system on the 8th day and the credit card limit of 500,- Euro is restored to your customers credit card. You cannot block your customer's card forever.


Does payXpert have any offline payment services or support infrastructure?

We would like to motivate you to use as much of our online merchant account support services as possible; all the details you require to enroll and conduct business through payXpert are available at www.payXpert.com. For any specific queries not answered by the FAQs, or info on the website, please email us at service@payXpert.com. Alternatively you can call your account manager. Contact details are mentioned on the website.

How can I check the amount payable to me by payXpert?

To confirm your current balance payable, log in to your payXpert.com account by using your user name and password.


Do I have to maintain any minimum balance in my payXpert.com Account?

Yes, just as you are required to maintain a minimum amount in your savings account in a nationalised bank; you (sub-merchant) need to maintain a minimum balance in your online merchant payXpert.com Account.


How often will I receive my payouts?

Mostly payXpert settles online payments on a weekly basis. Once the net payables in your account exceed the minimum amount payXpert will pay using bank transfers according to our weekly payment basis. The frequency of the payouts depends on the specific contract you have with payXpert or the specific Acquirer.


Does payXpert permit the sale of adult products?

Yes. payXpert does permit the sale of adult related products and /or services.. Additionally, any product or seervice that you want to sell must be legal, for sale and use in all countries, states, and provinces where you accept customers from.


If a credit card company refuses or declines a charge, how can I get more information?

To protect the card owner's privacy, credit card companies do not inform the merchant the reason why a customer's charge was refused. If an order is refused or declined, your customer should contact his/her credit card company and request the reason why the charge was declined.


How can I change my bank account details?

We will require you to sign a document for this. Please ask your account manager to send this to you. The change of bank details will only become effective after you have had a confirmation from your account manager. In the meantime please make sure your old bank account is still able to receive payments.


Does payXpert issue paper receipts or invoices to Sub-Merchants or their customers?

payXpert's software is Web-based, and no paper receipts or invoices are generated.


How Can I reduce the occurrence of customer disputes?

If you are shipping higher value items, use a package service that provides proof of delivery. There will always be some customers out there who falsely claim that a package was not received (and occasionally there will be packages that truly are lost or stolen). Since you bear the responsibility for those losses, you should take care not to put large amounts of money at risk. Hint: Most courier services that provide insurance on packages for a small fee that has the side effect of causing the receiver of the package to sign and indicate that the parcel arrived undamaged. Be accessible if customers can reach you to have their questions answered about products they are less likely to be dissatisfied when the order arrives. Be sure that customers are completely familiar with your offering before they order. Thoroughly describe your offering, show photos, and disclosing any important limitations. Ensuring the customer's expectations match what arrives in the mail will save you and the customer time, money and aggravation. Be sure to inform the customer on the delivery times of the articles and when they will be shipped. Also adding an FAQ on your website will help your customers.


How can I cancel or refund an order after it's been placed?

You can easily issue refunds or cancel orders through the admin interface, alternatively you could also do this directly through the gateway payment.


Is there a Reserve?

payXpert holds a reserve for chargebacks and refunds in event the merchant goes out of business, becomes unreachable or simply stops processing sales through payxpert. For all new accounts the reserve begins at 10% of the total amount charged and not refunded within the payment period. The reserve amount is held for 180 days and then released.


Is there a maximum number of products I can sell?



Is there a maximum dollar/euro amount of sales I can conduct each month?

No. However we will ask you to provide an estimate sales volume. Our anti-fraud filters will be adjusted to this expectation. Consequently processing a higher volume might result in an Account Manager from payXpert contacting you to discuss the difference between this forecasted volume and the actual volume.


Is there a minimum per transaction amount?

Yes generally the minimum amount/value that can be processed is 1,- euro/usd


Does payXpert offer a reseller or referral program?

Yes, if you're a hosting company, designer or other company that would like to partner with us. You are more then welcome to contact us.


Does your platform offer different currencies?

Yes currently we support up to 180 different currencies. The currency availability on your merchant account will also depend on the acquirer with whom you will be working.

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