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The procedure to apply for online payment solution with payXpert is as follows:

  1. Please fill in our online application form

  3. Once you have submitted the online form, our compliance department will have a basic look to the website of the merchant to determine if the products/services you sell are being accepted by our bank partners. They will also determine if any additional changes will have to be made on your website before our bank is able to approve the application.

  5. In maximum 24h, the sales department will contact you. If approved by our compliance department, we will send you an offer and will ask for the documentation needed to start requesting approval from our acquiring bank, included to fill the pre-qualification form. Furthermore our sales department will send you the website requirement document, one you have filled this document you will be able to see if your website basically fulfills the website requirements as set by the banks and or Visa/MasterCard.

  7. When we have received this information as requested in step 3, then we will start the application process with our acquiring bank. We will send the bank the documentation and information we have.

  9. If the bank approves the application, a contract between you and the bank will be send.

  11. If the documentation is received and approved and any additional changes on the website that needed to be made are done, we will send the contract between you and payXpert.

  13. Once accepted we will send you information on how to implement your website with payXpert's payment platform. Additionally, you will receive the login details to your client admin (back-office).

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