About PayXpert

payXpert is specialized in offering online payment processing solutions for:

  • Cardholder not–present businesses such as internet, mail and telephone order
  • Cardholder present businesses such as hotels, restaurants, remote location and merchant accounts to:
  • standard E–commerce,
  • Merchant markets worldwide,

We see ourselves as your local supplier wherever you are in the world.
Our powerful and secure payment solutions will allow you to boost your sales and benefit from the value you bring to your visitors. Our online payment solutions are designed to be flexible and easy to adapt into any kind of business model.


Our vision

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer and is the basis of common success.


Our mission

We offer innovative payment solutions to optimize our clients revenues and to minimize risk.
We are committed to bringing our expertise to our clients and improve the performance of our payment solutions together.
We look for adapted online payment solutions within the market and give our clients the very best prices.


Our golden rule

KYP, Know Your Partners: By doing so we not only are able to bring better and more adapted online payment solutions to our clients but we are also bringing safety to the value chain. Knowing our providers secures our clients, and vice–versa, knowing our clients and their applications secure payment us and our providers.


We are a ... Catalyst of confidence...

Our values

  • Select our partners (clients and providers)
  • Precisely asses the needs we have to answer
  • Innovate and improve our technical solutions
  • Secure the flow of transactions we process
  • Permanently validate that our mission is fulfilled
  • Ensure payment terms are respected


...to satisfy our clients and partners

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