About McAfee SECURE


The worlds leading security certification mark
he McAfee SECURE® certification mark is displayed on over 80,000 web sites worldwide. McAfee SECURE certified sites include some of the largest brands in retail ecommerce; as well as banks, universities, Fortune 500 corporations, state, county and city governments, and non-profit institutions.
Dynamic "real-time" security certification
McAfee security auditing technology allows the McAfee SECURE mark to appear only when a web sites current security status meets the highest published government standards.
Displaying the McAfee SECURE image
To ensure 100% uptime, instant scalability, and quick image loads the McAfee SECURE certification mark image is served through the Akamai global network. Akamai is the world largest content distribution network with over 16,000 servers in 105 countries. McAFee guarantees extremely fast image load times and provides a global 100 percent up-time Service Level Agreement (SLA) for serving the certification mark image.
Testing your conversion rate increase
Placing the McAfee SECURE certification mark on your web site has been proven to increase visitor-to-sales conversion rates. Our technology allows customers without in-house data mining tools to scientifically measure the effects McAfee SECURE certification has on their business by conducting a sales analysis. McAfee sales analysis technology uses an A/B test methodology in which half of the sites visitors see a McAfee SECURE certification mark while the other half (the control group) do not. Our sales analysis service includes installation support and real-time graphical reporting.

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